Instructor/Mentor Program

Instructors, are you interested in faster results for your students with a powerful brand and the sales and marketing help to back it? Then the Happy Horse Instructor Mentor program could be the perfect partner to help you grow!

We have ripped up the old book and created a new, more focused, powerful and flexible teaching curriculum that will provide your students with faster results. The feedback has been amazing from instructors and students alike!

“I am really loving how easy to navigate the modules are! I am enjoying the flow of videos and text, supported with documents/illustrations. And, what I love most is the mix between psychology and tasks! It feels like we will create more well-rounded horsemen & horsewomen and therefore happier horses!"

Elli Pospischil, HHHL Instructor

“I am so excited for Linda’s new curriculum as I feel it is something that has been needed in the horse industry for a long time. There are a lot of techniques out there but do people really understand how to solve the problems they may be having with their horses? Can they accurately read their horse and know what to do? Linda’s curriculum will give students, professionals, and anyone in the horse industry the answers to all these questions and more! As a Happy Horse Happy Life instructor, I have first-hand seen massive transformations in students and horses in a short amount of time with this information."

Courtney Crane, HHHL Instructor

“The Program is just amazing… it’s taking me some time to understand the overview and how it unfolds in each module as you bring us into the layers that become so specific, as well as using the great tools of self-evaluation and charts to measure our progress and remain progressive. The videos are fabulous and support the text at just the right places. Keeping a great balance for those of us who are visual learners… Just brilliant, Linda. Module 4 is what my horse and I really need right now!"

Anne Cistoldi, HHHL Student

We want to help you build your horse business

We don’t just want to help you get better results from yours students we want to help your business grow. With that in mind I have also partnered with marketing legend, Andrew Wood, and his wife Sue to help you build your business. Andrew developed the original gold, silver, and bronze programs for PNH back in 2010, and was the co-author of my Pegasus Program. He’s also written over 40 books on sales, marketing, and business success. So now you can enjoy an amazing new teaching curriculum with legendary marketing to back it up.

Take a look at what’s included in the Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor/Mentor Program:

  • Authorization to teach the brand-new Happy Horse curriculum, How to Talk Horse, the world’s most effective horse instruction program.
  • Authorization to use the Happy Horse Happy Life branding in your marketing.
  • Access to all online courses on the HHHL portal.
  • Annual, intensive two-day, Instructors only course. Includes: How to Teach for Maximum Results from Linda Parelli and World-Class Sales and Marketing from Andrew Wood.
  • Monthly Zoom call with instruction from Linda, Andrew and other high-profile guests on how to teach and maximize your business.
  • Private instructors only group on the Happy Horse portal.  Direct access to Linda, Andrew or Instructor Liaison Kristi Smith.
  • Instructor Sales Training Program. This world-class program covers every aspect of sales from A-Z. Broken into a series of 3-5 minutes daily lessons for easy digestion. This intensive program will have a significant impact on your income.
  • Instructors Marketing Training. Delivered in the same easy to follow format as the sales program this program will make your marketing more effective than ever before!
  • A Free World-Class Website Courtesy of Legendary Marketing. Visit for an example of what your website will look like.
  • A vault of ready to use marketing materials you can use on your social media, blog and email marketing. Saving you time and money while improving the quality of your marketing.
  • The opportunity to participate in special promotions like our write a book with Linda. 11 of our instructors are now published authors, how cool is that!
  • The opportunity to build your personal brand by posting articles, videos and profiles in the HHHL community. We want you to be the stars.
  • Wholesale discounts of up to 40% on clothing, manuals and merchandise.
  • Affiliate program to generate 25% commissions when your students or friends buy from the HHHL store using your unique link.
  • Marketing promotion for your events via our websites, social media and email lists.
  • Three hardback books to instantly boost your business covering the three core skills of small business success sales, marketing and management.
  • Monthly challenges to improve your sales, marketing and business skills.
  • Welcome gifts of a visor, t-shirt and HHHL mug and four free free books/ manuals a year.

Our Annual Instructor Gathering Is a Time to Learn, Share and Inspire Each Other

“Great chance to reconnect and meet other instructors. Such a welcoming, educational and inspiring experience. Thank you Linda, Andrew, Sue and all who worked hard to put the weekend together. 😍” – Amy Dorland

“I had the best time last weekend at the first Instructors Weekend at Happy Horse Haven. Thank you to Andrew Wood for sharing your business knowledge, Linda Parelli for sharing your horse and teaching knowledge as well as opening up your beautiful haven and home to us, and thank you to Sue Flockhart for feeding us 🥰 It was so nice to learn, see Linda in action with horses and students, and build relationships with fellow Instructors. I’m honored to be a part of such a great community ❤️” – Ashley Forlie

“What a great weekend filled with education, inspiration and lots of fellowship. Loved being there!!” – Kerri April

“Great Conference!!!” – Kelly Sigler Patterson

Instructors benefit from the sales and marketing knowledge of Andrew Wood, while learning teaching and training methods from Linda Parelli. There were two parties and of course plenty of opportunity to network with other instructors. Everyone at this year’s event agreed that the information would make them better instructors as well as significantly improved businesspeople.

“I had a great experience this last weekend! We had our first HHHL Instructor Conference. in the mornings we had Andrew Wood helping us with our Sales and Marketing so that we can grow our businesses and in the afternoons was Linda Parelli helping us with Teaching the Curriculum as well as helping us to better read horses and for me, helping me have better strategies when it comes to Pushy Movers!” – Charlie Johnson

“It was such an honor and a joy to be among so many Happy Horse Happy Life Instructors and fellow Happy Horse Happy Life Apprentices. There are so many awesome times ahead for all the members this community with this group of dedicated people. Thank you for an amazing experience. I am so inspired to become, someone people can count on to support them in Happy Horse Life!” – Jennie Jones


What is the annual investment for instructors?

The annual investment is $3,000 but for a limited time enjoy a $500 discount.

Can I pay monthly instead?

You can but without the discount, $250 a month

Can I be affiliated with both Happy Horse Happy Life and another organization?

We certainly don’t mind anyone having additional professional affiliations other organizations may have different rules.

Will the Zoom meetings be recorded in case I am teaching?

The Zoom calls will be recorded but they will also be at a convenient set time so you can plan your schedule around them.

Is the cost of the annual training event included in the fee?

The two days of education are included. There may be additional fees for food, drinks and any extra-curricular events.

Do I have to be a Happy Horse Happy Life Member?

Yes, you must maintain at least a basic membership.

Who Are we Looking For?

High quality instructors with a passion for Kaizen, continued never ending improvement. Not just in their riding skills but their teaching, leadership, sales, marketing and business management skills as well. Self-motivated instructors looking for real strategies they will implement to create their own success.

What Can You Expect from Us?

The world’s best package of riding, teaching, sales and marketing materials to help your business thrive. Quick answers to your challenges, excellent communication and a small, vibrant community of like-minded people sharing their business experiences with the goal of helping each other.

The Process for Becoming a Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor/Mentor

Pay the annual mentor investment fee here (or the monthly fee link in the FAQs). You must also maintain a Happy Horse Happy Life Membership.

You will be sent the instructor criteria which you must fill in and return. You will also need to provide a current insurance certificate and sign the Instructor Mentor Agreement.

Each application will be reviewed by Linda and her team within a few days. If approved, you will be onboarded at once. If not approved your deposit will be refunded at once and suggestions made as to how you might meet the criteria in the future.

Any additional questions email [email protected]

Who is ready to join me on this exciting journey?

Linda Parelli